New Baby-mama Fashion Fixes from Neiman Marcus, 7 For All Mankind and Amazon


In honor of the arrival of my sister’s first of what I hope will be many Bolete babies, I would like to throw out some fashionable yet functional new momma wardrobe ideas (courtesy of Neiman Marcus, 7 Jeans and Amazon).  Though I’ve never been in this fashion bind myself, I have witnessed countless mothers, struggling to maintain their own “cuteness” levels (especially given the new competition), while simultaneously acting as an all-you-can-eat buffet, human cradle and all around slave to the little bundle of joy.  How can you give the same attention to yourself with all of this new responsibility?  The answer is you can’t.  But don’t despair, there are plenty of us out here who hope to “help”. 

There is no reason to jump face first into a pile of leisure suits, or the recent velour hoody combos, which have deservedly disappeared.  Here are a few options which provide easy access, a little support and you might actually want to wear once your body is returned to you.

The tops of choice are from Tory Birch and Catherine Malandrino, via Neiman Marcus.  I completely understand that the former fashion splurge budget has now turned into the diaper/onesie/xanax budget, but that’s no reason you shouldn’t treat yourself to a few high-end items (considering you have just passed a human through your body).  Both ponchos offer quick access for all baby meals and are stunning shields to those unexpected times when nature beats your baby to the punch (aka leakage).  A cute tank as a base layer can also be used for yoga or sleep time, and insures that you have absorption back up (you can also fit a few cami tanks in your purse to swap out). 

Baby or no baby, if given the budget, I would love to add the first to my stable of comfort clothes and the latter to my jewel box of “fancy clothes” that I treasure. 

And now, for the issue that all ladies, especially new mummies, dread………………..THE JEANS!  Fear not, for 7 For All Mankind has come to the rescue again!  For years I’d heard of these jeans, saw the signature embroidered logo on the buttocks of many a “Marina girl” in SF, and dismissed all of these perfectly fit pants as nice drapery to already finished forms.  So not true!  I have tested just about every style of 7 Jeans (and body size of my own, for research only 😉  ), from the thick to the thin, the skinny to the flare, it is true, they do make all body types look their best.  They also have reinforced waistbands (as shown below) for extra help). 

My final share is for the sweet mama feet, which have been swollen, worn and upright for far too long.  Being close to 6 feet myself I am a fan of the ballet flat, but also know that they grow with you, are easy on and off without sight and can be dressed up or down if chosen correctly.  The choice below (via Amazon), are perfect for a cute sundress or jeans and tee.  They will also ease the new lady into a life of practical fashion, where heals do not apply.

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