Art Therapy: Blasts of Color for the Seasonal Blues


David B. Smith’s Oliver Vernon, Western Project’s Thomas Burke, LMAK’s Jen Stark and Miller Block’s Imi Hwangbo to the rescue!

So now that I have recovered from my post-valentine blues, I wanted to share a few of my favorite artists, whose creative use of color is only one of the aspects that will blow you away.  I’ve scattered my selections across these great states, so whether you are enjoying a snow-filled ski-tastic winter in Denver, a sun-filled smoggy day in L.A., or freezing your tush off in your homemade igloo in Boston or NYC, you won’t have to venture far to have your mind blown in person.

First up is Jen Stark, represented by LMAKprojects, located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan between Broome and Delancey Streets (above image and video).  I have to say, it was hard to decide which of Jen’s pieces to share since I L-O-V-E all of her work, but this combo of wood, mirror, paint and video sculpture was the highest on my “cool” list.  I’m sure we have all seen video art or video art combined with other media that impresses us, but what got me was the simplicity of the form and the nostalgia of the kaleidoscope interior.  The only thing that could have made it better for me was if there was somehow a Viewfinder incorporated (preferably with Muppets involved).

Since we are somewhat in the neighborhood, let’s head onward and upward to Boston and pop into Miller Block Gallery on one of my BFF streets (Newbury St.) to check out Imi Hwangbo’s delicate and innovative creations.  I’ve shared one piece above and one below, because though each is constructed of cut mylar, the impact, tone and presentation are completely different, yet equally impressive.  These pieces are the kind that instantly let the most patient of patient people realize that they can do better.

Since we are already in our winter gear we should move on to Denver’s Wazee Street, David B. Smith Gallery and Oliver Vernon’s spacecoaster-esque landscapes (below).  I have to admit, I am someone, who due to sensory overload, cannot handle the store Anthropologie (though I love it) or department stores in general, but am curiously drawn into Oliver’s pieces.  Oliver’s paintings are undoubtedly energetic and vibrant, challenging your visual intake ability, yet at the same time there is something so ordered and controlled, that for me they almost become soothing.  I realize to most of you that makes absolutely no sense but can’t put this effect into words and encourage you to take a gander yourself.  I am a “one step at a time girl” but have always found Oliver’s work to be simultaneously calming and energizing.

Finally, we end our journey on La Cienega in Culver City, the only “town” I consider almost home and has the small town charm of the rest of the country that surrounds Los Angeles (totally kidding, lived in LA and do love the city of angels).  Cliff at Western Project has a great eye and great tattoos.  I would encourage stopping in to view any or all.  However, if I had to pick, one the highest on my “PG-rated” list is Thomas Burke (Wayne White to be covered soon).  Burke’s work, above all others discussed, MUST be viewed in person.  His technique and ability to transform space is like no other.  I wish I could explain more in words, but as I said, you MUST see these in person, truly impressive.

I hope you can find time to enjoy these artists in “the flesh”, and if not, at the very least hope you explore their personal galleries and dealer sites. 

I’ve been in the art world for almost 10 years and not only love these artists, but also their dealers.  There are so few these days that welcome just the “looky-loo” and all of the dealers above have been unprejudiced during my visits.  When shopping for a client, I never identify myself upon entering a gallery, only quietly start to poke around.  The welcome that I receive sets the tone for the rest and Louky at LMAKproject,  Ellen at Miller Block, David at David B. Smith and Cliff at Western Project have all been highest on my list of class and respect.

Bon appétit!

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