Stay Gold Pony Boy….or any other questioning the times

What exactly do people mean when they say “reinvent” yourself? 

This term has been thrown around far too much lately.  With the current state of the world and the nation I understand we all look for answers, but if they aren’t the right ones than…………. 

I completely understand this need and am currently unemployed myself, so I don’t take this lightly.  What bothers me, is that some of us have fought so hard to be ourselves, and encouraging that people should abandon that conviction for compensation seems like 20 steps back for only a few forward.  Really, is that the best advice we can get these days?  Why would we all be consciously continuing down a path that we didn’t feel was “ourselves” and only question it at times of financial difficulty?  Don’t we start with the intention of happiness?  We should all feel free to take a chance when inspired and know that the most important compass is within us. 

So, the question still remains, how do you reinvent yourself if you thought the self you were inventing was the right one?

As a girl I tried ballet, horseback riding, drama classes, ceramics and tennis lessons.  I quickly learned that I was more enamored with the ballet slippers and cute wraps, the smell and sleek touch of a pair of riding boots and velvety helmet, the romantic feeling of being a “sculptor” though only painting stock items,  and the timeless beauty of tennis whites.  I got so much pleasure from the aesthetic aspects of these worlds, but not much from mastering the skill that required them.

I think this is the reason why I am so obsessed with Top Chef and personally dread the kitchen, adore Rachel Zoe and live in my yoga pants.  I give the biggest of HEARTS to Chelsea, Brooklyn, Miami and Southie for providing any artist that has the courage to follow their dreams a venue, all the while I watch and admire, yet do not create myself.

I have always been a lover, observer and advocate for the arts.  I have had the privilege to be a consultant and critic of the arts.  I think that during these tough times, the best we can do is to stay true, reinvent if inspired, but if not, hold your passion close to your heart and always follow your gutt and your dreams.

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