Marion, Mattapoisett and My Heart

At the end of this Valentine’s Day, I am UNwillingly reflecting on the things that I hold most dear to my heart.  V-Day is not the highest on my list and feel I need no encouragement to be emotional (those of you that know me are nodding right now).  I do heart chocolate like no other, heart puppies and babies, but cannot stop from hearting where it all started.  I miss Marion. 

Growing up in a small town in Buzzards Bay I couldn’t wait to jump ship and get to where I thought “the real world” was living (not the show for all of you 30-somethings).  At my first chance I packed my bags and headed for the Bronx, Fordham University and the potential to run into Denzel at a reunion.  Unfortunately at my first introduction to gunshots, I quickly turned tail and headed home after realizing I was not that savvy.  Undefeated, I realized that Boston couldn’t beat me as quickly and headed North.  Completely content, which does not sit well with me, I then headed on to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle, but still never feeling the love that I felt for that home I so urgently needed to shake.

I’ve shared a few photos of my last visit there (the only since college) above.  I would also like to share my perfect day for all of those who don’t understand what they are missing out and all of those who are still enjoying it for me.

So, I wake in late June, at a very lazy hour, with no A/C and one old fan pointed straight at me.  There is really no point in showering until bedtime because the humidity will keep me sticky all day.  I’ll throw on the uniform of white tee and chinos and take a quick walk down Water Street with the pup.  Next I head to Uncle John’s for the biggest Americano they can muster ( ) and then to “the other M-Word”, Mattapoisett, for the best sandwiches EVER!  I can’t say which of the Shipyard sandies I would pick, because if able, I would first eat all of the bread, and then see if my stomach could handle a proper meal ( ).  Next, onto to a peaceful and fantasy filled walk through the Stone Estate (path in image above taken somewhere in that beautiful spot). 

I know that it doesn’t take much to push me into the dramatic frame of mind, but even the old walls along Point Road can get me going.  All of those lucky enough to have visited Marion or lived in Marion know what I mean. 

And on the way home I would stop in the Marion General Store to buy some goods to grill for dinner (remember, this is all in my mind so in my mind I cook).  I’ll chat with Jack for a bit and see what is the most fresh and creak over the old boards that have been there well over 100 years.  The fact that it remains as it has been, can only be attributed to Jack and all of the Cheney family.

Finally, one last stops before heading back to my porch and bug filled stay, The Marion Sports Shop.  I will admit that I am neither sporty not shoppy, but do enjoy me some Frank Fletcher.  He has been the one of the most distinguished figure heads of the town for years, and having the chance to work for him and know him in a personal way, I have to say he is one of the most loyal, stand-up and generous people I have ever known. 

These are the things city-folk miss out on.

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3 thoughts on “Marion, Mattapoisett and My Heart

  1. Alice Shea on said:

    Miss Geraldine,
    You write so beautifully,I almost feel I’m back there with you. You must admit your parents helped you make some wonderful childhood memories.
    I’d love to meet you back there someday for coffee.

    • I do remember the time that you took me to Silvershell beach, such a special place. I am saving my pennies for a trip back that way and you are top on my list. It has been too long.


      (or Miss Geraldine)

  2. Hello Ms. Geraldine, (aka JS)
    This is so well written. I also went back in time and remember things exactly the same way you do. Thanks for the shout out to the MGS!!!
    Hope you are well. Keep the blogs coming. You write beautifully.

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