Monday Espresso: Medicinal, Cultural, Body and Soul Feeding Goodness (and it might get you through that staff meeting)

So, I have never been a huge follower of Bruce Lee, but I do have to say I would pay big money to see this espresso version in person, on Monday or any other day.  In my frustration to find web images on a few different subjects I plan to share in the near future, I found myself craving one of my best friends, Mr. Coffee (not the machine but “the goodness” I call the bean).  I don’t think that I can fully put into words the way I feel about coffee, and specifically espresso.  In order to have a drinkable cup of espresso, it is an art form.  

Foolishly under-scoop the espresso and drink a watery knock-off of your much-needed boost, or weigh the scales to heavy and spend several hours in “a room that shall not be named” wishing you never met this tasty, temptress of a beverage.  Once we move past the measurement stage of the process we must then look at quality: quality of the beans, quality of the machine and quality of the barista determining the quality of the above.  All are deathly serious factors that cannot be misjudged.  If you doubt this, try to think if you have ever witnessed someone in a coffee shop or restaurant that was served their coffee “incorrectly”.  Have you ever seen a typically reasonable person completely lose their mind over any other 2-3 dollar item?  I think not.

Now to the creamy part of our recipe.  This aspect certainly is extremely important, and I fully acknowledge that a scorched serving of milk will ruin perfection on the front end, but do concede that a good stainless steel container and reliable thermostat can take the art out of it.  For those less knowledgeable you can always opt for the lower fat milks which will give you less trouble in your task. 

What has been refreshing and inspiring, is that artists of another kind enjoy this caffinated gift as much as I do and have worked to make it truly a work of art.  I hope you have enjoyed these images and will take a moment the next time you sip.

Posted by Miss Geraldine

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2 thoughts on “Monday Espresso: Medicinal, Cultural, Body and Soul Feeding Goodness (and it might get you through that staff meeting)

  1. Love it!

  2. peter on said:

    I love Coffee an art! 🙂

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