Fantasy Philly Valentine’s Weekend (1 for the Ladies & 1 for the Gentlemen), Courtesy of VBRO

So, I will start my imaginary Philadelphia getaway with the female option of this fantasy (courtesy of  This gorgeous 9 acre estate is dated 1736 and has held its beauty better than most distinguished ladies.  The 4 bedroom and 3.25 bath treasure could easily be the best spot for a summer family reunion, equipped with a swimming pool and tennis court (not to mention air conditioning), but for this time of year, the idea of a huge country house for just you and your other seems even more appropriately dramatic and romantic for the most Valentiney of days.  You, your honey, alone with 3 fireplaces and nothing but nature………….and only 15 miles from Philly should you have the need for the conversation of strangers to fill those silent moments.

Now for the gentlemen, who do seem to get the short end of the stick on V-Day.  I was again able to find this little secret fort on VRBO.  This spot puts you right in the center of things, located in a 3 story Row House between Society Hill and Queen Village (not that I know those areas since this is my imaginary trip, but society and queens are both high on my list).  From what I hear you are right in the heart of it and above the oldest Tattoo shop in town, should you decide to make your love a permanent statement (until laser treatment). 

So not only do we have a dartboard in this one bedroom hipster scene, but a Bose surround sound system, ridiculously large t.v. and a jacuzzi for 2.  But don’t worry ladies, this bachelor does have a soft side, as shown by the choice of a historic building, stained glass and close proximity to flower shops. 

There are other features that I think any history lover will love in addition to their partner.  I’m not sure what I am looking at here but I must say it looks pretty cool.

Posted by Miss Geraldine

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