Small Collections

Does anyone start out collecting consciously? Or do we just fall into it, one object here, another there, and soon enough you have the beginnings of a full-blown collection (or realize you are a hoarder who needs to go on a reality television show)?

It all started with vintage glass carnival horse racing game pieces, something I found on a day trip with the Mister, three of them to be exact, numbers 18, 19, and 27… then I found a 1920s horse trophy on etsy, then a few more pieces, soon I had the beginnings of a horse-centric collection. Merging these pieces with a small collection of apothecary jars gives me a two-for-one presentation and frees up space, plus it’s a little fun to disquiet visitors with the horse under glass collection.

Then came the birds, I hope that statement doesn’t bring Hitchcock-ian visions to your brain. Again, at first there were only two paper mache pieces from artisans in Haiti to support that country’s recovery efforts, then came three small carved wooden pieces I couldn’t resist. Then I placed them on top of painted tree stumps, on a silver tray, in the middle of my dining room table… I am beginning to become concerned about my reality television show potential.

What do you collect? And how did it start for you? How do you showcase them?

Posted by Miss Lilly

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