Women Artists Thriving in New York: Jean Shin and Miya Ando

I need to give a very loud shout-out to two women artists currently living in New York whom I’ve had the privilege of working with in the past, Jean Shin and Miya Ando.  Both have been honored with success in a world that so many struggle in, and for whatever reason, so many more women still seem to have difficulty breaking into.

Since I first met Jean she has impressed me with her creativity and sense of purpose with her art.  She has had several public commissions and if you are lucky enough to have one of her pieces you can rest assured that she gave unmeasurable time and thought to that work.  I think my favorite (so far) of her works is “And We Move”, which in it’s video portion (several fabric pieces also included), focuses on the back of the conductor while he leads his musicians.  You should not miss out on her site http://www.jeanshin.com  and the video sample below.

And Miya, what can I say, I still feel blessed to have found her when I had my gallery in Los Angeles.  I still have the same sense of relaxation and peace with a touch of confusion (as to how her pieces manage to have such an effect) each time I see her work.  What has been the most fun is to see her become street cool, thanks I guess to Brooklyn and her skate projects.

As much as I love her skate work (please check out her site to see full images, http://www.miyaando.com), my heart is still with her ever so elegant paintings and sculptures.  Did I mention they are on metal?  AMAZING!

Posted by Miss Geraldine

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