Bitchin’ Camaro Cross-Country Road Trip


I am officially back after 3200 miles to get the Bitchin’ Camaro from Alabama to Seattle in Mr. and my cross-country odyssey and I have so much to share! From eating in dives (including a Lion’s Hall in the middle of West Texas) to unexpected (and expected) gourmet finds, seeing a migration of whooping cranes, and experiencing the beauty (and oddities) of the road, I documented every bite and site possible along the way and will be sharing with you for the next few weeks on Mondays . So stay tuned for this new series!

Meanwhile Miss Geraldine and myself will continue to entertain you with our usual banter and posts…

I did try to post from my phone but it seems as though some of the post got cut off, so in case you were wondering Flip Burger Boutique is in Birmingham, Alabama.

Posted by Miss Lilly

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