Geraldine’s Fantasy Friday: 1stdibs Shopping Spree at Torso Vintages and Alice Kwartler

For this week’s journey into my fantasy life, I invite you to join me in an all expenses paid trip to, without budget or supervision.  Luckily, I’m a jeans and cotton-t girl and even with the deepest of pockets, I still prefer to have pieces I will actually use.

Our wardrobe adventure begins in the outerwear department.  Torso Vintages on Sutter St. in San Francisco was lucky enough to find this gem.  What I love most about this coat is that it would be amazing with jeans, a white-T and ballet flats, or stunning with a black knee-length cocktail dress.
Next up is another piece I think would be stunning with jeans, a tank and Havaianas flip-flops (for all of you LA folk), or nice black silhouette for business or evening.  This vintage piece can be found in Alice Kwartler’s New York shop.  And I have to say this piece was my fav but had a hard time deciding.  LOVE LOVE LOVE her collection.
And finally, a special treat.  Yes this hat is pure fantasy and completely ridiculous for everyday life, breaking my fabulous but functional rule, but would be perfect for a collector or photo-shoot (or those of us who still pretend to be Holly Golightly in the mirror).  If so bold, this piece can also be found at Torso Vintages in SF.
I’m not sure how I managed to miss Torso during my SF days but certainly know where my first stop will be on my next visit.  More treasures to come!
Posted by Miss Geraldine
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