San Francisco’s Yapwraps the new Pashmina for dogs?

Since my days living in San Francisco I have longed for the city where my dog was welcome anywhere, from the cupcake shop to the corner cafe.  Those of us who are dog owners know that all reason and rational goes out the window when it comes to our babies.  Currently, neither Geraldine nor Lilly, have the traditional sense of the word “baby”, but do consider our pups part of the family.  Not only do they rule the house (much like today’s child, but we will get into that later), but they are fawned upon and unnecessarily spoiled.

Just a few months ago my little precious was nearly snuffed out midway through a cross-walk.  It wasn’t until Miss Lilly pointed out that I could easily carry my baby through all precarious situations that I realized the fault was my own.

But then, a new problem arose… does one carry their dog to safety without completely ruining an outfit?  The answer is Yap Wraps!  I was given an in person demo during my last visit to San Francisco and was excited to see that not only does this make it easier to lift the smaller pooches, but they seem to be completely unaware they have been transformed into living luggage.

A win win for my vote!

Posted by Miss Geraldine

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