Adventures in Renovating

Posted by Miss Geraldine

As most people know, those with experience and those who have seen the battle scars of others, renovations are a nightmare.  What can take this experience to an entirely different level is when the project is being executed by two passionate (hot-tempered), quick thinking (impulsive) individuals currently involved in a romantic relationship.  Picture the end scenes of “War of the Roses”.  Granted we are not dealing with a mansion and only 770 square feet, but I feel that has actually lessened the chance that both of us will come out of this without a criminal record.

Over the next few months I look forward to sharing what I hope in hindsight will be humorous stories, at least to those not living them.  We have only been in the house for three nights and already I am exhausted.  I have been bathing from a trash can while huddled in my destroyed shower, using my pets as insulation due to lack of heat and now consider a good dusting of my clothes as laundering them.  I know, it sounds disgusting, but I am trying to look at it as being resourceful.

So, without actually sharing the visual details of one of my first failed projects, I will leave you with one very important tip.  If pressed for time, do not under any circumstances attempt to spray-paint a room rather than painting with brushed or rollers.  It not only takes longer, but I am fairly certain that I have permanent brain damage.  My significant other seems to think that the fact I attempted this in the first place proves that the damage was preexisting, but I will continue to argue otherwise.

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One thought on “Adventures in Renovating

  1. peter on said:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading blog! It’s very entertaining!

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