Dry Winter Skin? Miss Lilly’s Sugar Scrub to the rescue

Posted by Miss Lilly

Despite it being rainy most of the winter in Seattle, there is something about this time of year that makes everyone’s skin dry (really this is true no matter where you live). For a quick and easy solution I make a sugar scrub which, like any of my fav products, does double duty – exfoliating and moisturizing at the same time.

Super quick and easy, you will find you can whip this up in no time.

Winter (or summer) Sugar Scrub

Makes one pint

8 oz oil

12 oz white baking sugar


Store in a resealable container, I find that plastic works best so I don’t worry about taking it into the shower. I have used everything from upcycled plastic ice cream containers to yogurt container or tupperware.

That’s it, that’s all there is to it – if you want to make bigger batches it’s 1:1.5 part oil and sugar.

I have experimented with different sugars and found plain old white sugar to be the best, plus I was told by a dermatologist friend that white sugar is completely spherical, therefore making it ideal over salt or other types of sugars that have uneven textures and can cause sub-dermal abrasions and scarring.

As for the type of oil, I try to have a nice apricot or jojoba oil in the house but any kind of oil will do in a pinch – the best oils you may have around the kitchen – olive or sesame.

I also sometimes add a few drops of essential oils, depending on my mood – anything from rose to vanilla to eucalyptus. About 8 drops will do for a pint of scrub.


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One thought on “Dry Winter Skin? Miss Lilly’s Sugar Scrub to the rescue

  1. I love this stuff. Just make sure it doesn’t get under your feet if you’re using it in the shower, as it can get a little slippery.

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