We’re Back and Happy 2011 Everyone!!!

Posted by Miss Lilly

So the holiday season has come and gone and despite my reluctance to celebrate this year I do wish that the decorations could stay up a bit longer (Falcor was fighting me for the paper snowflakes this afternoon). Even going to the doctor today, where a few weeks ago there were wreaths, garlands, and stockings hanging on walls and counters that are now bare and drab, I find that I wish there was some way to at least prolong the decor usage.

One of the hold-overs we are all still thinking about from the holiday season are our 2011 resolutions. I don’t have too many this year – so far my only goal/resolution is to have 2000 unique readers for this blog by the end of 2011, which is a pretty big goal.

And you, current loyal reader, can help reach this goal by letting your friends and family know about GL and encourage them to subscribe with a promise from us that there will always be new and interesting posts for your reading (and commenting) enjoyment. We are also in discussion regarding starting an online magazine – which is pretty exciting – and we will keep you apprised of that as well.

Thank you all for your support in 2010 and we are look forward to 2011!

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