A 1970s New Year’s & Enlightenment

Posted by Miss Lilly

Whew! Now that Christmas and Hanukkah are over for the year, it is time to look forward to New Year’s at the end of the week. Usually M and I go out to a nice restaurant with friends but this year we have decided we should stay home, invite a few people by, due to the new puppy and his unfamiliarity with fireworks. After having a dog that was so traumatized by loud noises she ate through a wall during a thunderstorm I realized Falcor, who is a serious ‘fraidy dog, might very well repeat that episode.

So, of course, being me I cannot decide on a menu that isn’t just a little over the top and requiring a lot of work on my part in prep and cooking. I really do need to learn to be one of those people who can just buy appetizers from Trader Joe’s and call it good, but so far I have not reached that stage of enlightenment on my culinary journey.

I decided that recreating the golden age of hors d’oeuvre parties – the 1970s – would be fun. Decorating with disco balls – okay, really I just want an excuse to buy a few to place in the living room fireplace since we never, ever light a fire – and serving 1970s apps tweaked with new millennium ingredients. OH MY GOD – it makes me so happy to think about it.

So after doing much research into the common party dishes served during the disco decade, I came up with a dizzying array of choices to tweak. From cheese fondue, which I will serve with sautéed gnocchi instead of boiled potatoes, to mini onion soups, served in shot glasses with toasted Gruyère turn-overs on top, to pop rocks, which I will attempt to cover in chocolate and suspend in ice cream (which is the only way I can think of retaining their pop), I will be hopefully creating some new and different dishes that I have never attempted. Lots of work but I will make sure both my successes and failures are documented for GL readers.

Yeah, still fantasizing about a Trader Joe’s ready-made menu but hey, I just can’t seem bring myself to it…

I think Miss Geraldine who is all for easy (and not necessarily that interested in culinary experimentation) would try to convince me but she enjoys the byproduct of my efforts too much!

For info on era specific recipes here a few great sites:

The Food Timeline

Retro Housewife

Old Recipe Book

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