Etsy Taste Test

Posted by Miss Lilly

I don’t know about you but I find pursuing etsy for the treasures I know are there to be completely and utterly overwhelming and daunting. I constantly see the most amazing things others have found on the site but yet can (almost) never find them on my own – my own queries end up looking more like regretsy than  uber stylish design sponge.

Enter Etsy Taste Test – which allows you to visually pick items you like than uses those picks to find more items that are similar. I have tried it a few times now – it becomes addictive just to see what it will pull up – and have found at least 50%-70% of the time they are spot on. Not necessarily things that I would purchase but at least within my aesthetic range, which is a step up from the random way I used to search.

I especially loved these cross-stitch patterns from KATIE KUTTHROAT – they made me laugh out loud.

And the sweet letter press from Vintage Paper Parade.

And these ceramics from New Moon Studios in Rhode Island.

Oh, and while I was waiting the site was nice enough to post a quote from Alice in Wonderland.

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One thought on “Etsy Taste Test

  1. Barbara on said:

    yes, I agree. I found somethings there that were spot on for Madeline for some Hanukkah presents.

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