You’re a Mean One…

Posted by Miss Lilly

Now I know Miss Geraldine has been regaling you with beautiful options for holiday gifts and is prepping for more posts on the topic as we speak but for some reason this year I just cannot get into the holidays. Every other year I really enjoy making, baking, decorating, entertaining, buying, but this year … I really am starting to empathize with the Grinch.

Admittedly, this may be somewhat due to the fact that I have yet to purchase or make any gifts – for anyone – and my husband and I agreed not to exchange numerous gifts that neither of us needs or wants, instead choosing to get one big ticket item for each of us and ask family to chip in (though I have to admit I am excited to be getting a new wide angle lens for my camera!). Another aspect may be that neither my husband nor I grew up celebrating Christmas and so don’t feel the obligation overly to participate.

It could also be the fact that every year it seems that the holidays become even more and more commercialized and some left-over bit of myself, the part that still identifies with being the child of two hippies, rails against that. I am not sure – all I know is that I am happier about this holiday season that I have been about many in the past – without the tension, drama, expectations, I can just enjoy some well-deserved time off with my friends and family – who will be going to Chinese with me Christmas evening and not trading gifts.

What are your plans for Christmas?


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2 thoughts on “You’re a Mean One…

  1. Imei on said:

    My plan: to join you for Chinese food Christmas day, if you have room for one more!
    I’m not into the whole commercialized thing this year. I want to be visiting friends and spending time with family. However, if you have the ingredients for that lovely brown sugar scrub you made me a few years ago, I’ll take some!

  2. Miss Lilly:

    Ha! Maybe that’ll just have to be another post and you can assist 🙂

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