Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (or other symbolic holiday object)

Some of us LOVE the hunt of the perfect holiday gift, some of us opt for the convenience of a gift card (lazy), and some of us (Miss Geraldine) would rather shop in their imaginary lives where any gift, any vacation and any outfit is possible.  Here are a few of my ideas for rockin’ gifts that can make anyone “appear” cool (I cannot guarantee improvement in cool status.  That will largely depend on your hair).

All of these gifts are unique so you will be certain to be giving a gift not given (and pretty sure you won’t be outdone).


Artist Andrea Stanislav, represented by Packer Schopf gallery in Chicago, is the way to go for any fan of the Stones or glitter.


Another option for a blank wall is artist Paul Villinski.  I have not investigated deep enough to know exactly which vinyl was sacrificed for these tiny dancers, but I like to imagine it is only Vanilla Ice or Color Me Bad (for those of you old enough to remember them or Hammer pants).

photo or 

#3  ETERNAL FLAME (the Bangles version)

And finally, after all of the parties are done and you need to either relax, light a candle, run a bath and pretend like you didn’t dress your pets in Santa suits, Los Angeles artist Lisa Carrier has got your festive back.

Not only will Sharon and Ozzy love them, but the Cameo Candles are perfect for making your mother break down in tears (which for me is the biggest sign of a successful gift).

Click here for larger version

I know it is hard in the snow, rain, palm trees or El Nino, but even I must say, we are lucky to have this time of year to spend together.  And I am especially grateful, for my amazing family, and am so grateful that this year…….I will not be cleaning up the Mai Tai mess that is my brother’s eternal signature.  Cheers!

Merry, merry to all!

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One thought on “Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree (or other symbolic holiday object)

  1. anne Fitzgerald on said:

    Any mother would love the candles ! or the birds.

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