New Paint Color Trends for 2011

One of my favorites, and a sometimes stand-in for the much missed Domino, Canadian shelter magazine, Style at Home, recently announced their top 2011 picks for home color trends. Considering I have had a bit of a rough start to the morning – why don’t dogs let you know when they are going to be sick??? Oh, Falcor… – this made me very happy. Funny enough, some of the color trends I have been using for a few years now in my home and even for my wedding. Some of the color combinations I likely wouldn’t consider even though I am changing the color scheme in my house – switching out the orange for vibrant blues mixed with the remaining silver, gray, and white. And I am really loving the Smoke and Soft Grays they are showcasing – all Farrow & Bell, of course.

Thanks to the Goodie Life for also finding and posting these trends.


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2 thoughts on “New Paint Color Trends for 2011

  1. Miss Geraldine on said:

    As a quick intro, I am Miss Geraldine of Geraldine Lilly. I thought it was about time I chimed in on these little nuggets Miss Lilly has been sharing with you.

    Wow, I was touched, saddened and inspired to do more all at the same time. Can I ask….if you accept the opening statement as evidence of my maturity……was I the only one that was fixated on the fact that the little boy was clearly in a toddler poop pose?

  2. Miss Geraldine on said:

    Are you comparing Farrow & Ball to dog puke! How dare you Madame! How dare you J.

    All kidding aside, I have to say that for those of us who cannot afford the delicious F&B, I do love me some Martha. I know, I know, she is whoring herself out to Macy’s, Kmart and now Home Depot, BUT, you have to admit the lady does know what she is doing. The Martha Empire is especially helpful for the base level decisions (paint, sheets, cabinets, pots, etc). One of the biggest benefits is that her colors stay consistent throughout her lines, meaning you can touch up your Martha cabinet with your Martha interior paint.

    Another less expensive site is Oprah’s boy Nate, however, I have yet to decide if I enjoy looking at his designs or just looking at him (yumm).

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