Please help us choose the new puppy’s name

The New Nameless Puppy


Since we lost one of our family dogs, a German Shepherd named Teak, suddenly from  spindle cell carcinoma, our other dog, Cami Lou, a beagle/Jack Russell mix has been very sad and depressed.

Cami Lou

Teak (or as we liked to call him Squeak)



So we decided to get her a friend. We came across a posting for this little guy on and contacted the rescue about him and his litter mates. After jumping through the typical application hoops, when we went to finally met him, we fell in love, however, Cami Lou – not so much. We have had him now for almost a week and she is slowly adjusting to having a 10 week old puppy in her house and actually has attempted to play with him a few times – except when she barks he freaks and runs straight into the house.

Oh well…

We have not yet settled on a name for the puppy – it is between Hercules and Falcor.

Reasons for each:

Hercules: he thinks he is big and mighty and runs around the yard dragging the largest branches he can find behind him – even though he is only 5 lbs.

Falcor: the luck dragon from The Neverending Story (alright, I am giving it away for all those that don’t know the reference right off). His face and expressions are very, very similar to the character. He also likes to take flying leaps off of furniture. We think he aspires to fly.

Please vote and let us know what you think!

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4 thoughts on “Please help us choose the new puppy’s name

  1. Rachel on said:

    I like both names but, Falcor rolls a bit more easily off the tongue when yelling at him to come, get off, stop etc. Unless you want to be yelling HER-CU-LES!!!! at the park 🙂 Though, saying “Hercules! Hercules! Hercules!” would be quite funny (a la that Eddie Murphy movie of which I forget the name of at the moment).

  2. Barbara on said:

    Long, long ago, in the far away land of Detroit as your dad may remember, we had a Yorkie named Hercules. I vote for that.

  3. Jeff on said:

    Falcor. Definitely. Everybody should have their own luck dragon!

  4. Danielle on said:

    I am still voting for Spot. I noticed you didn’t include that on the list 😉

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